Friday, 9 December 2016

161207_Sale Lakes and Common_Christmas Social

Fifteen birdos [welcome to Leonie, Sue and Veronica] gathered between Lakes Guthridge and Guyatt in Sale and had a great morning of birding. We slowly walked around Lake Guyatt. Val showed us into the Powder Magazine and we completed our circuit with morning tea and thirty-seven species. Both lakes were full to brimming, the Freckled Duck were all gone, highlights were Latham's Snipe in Flooding Creek, a Pacific Koel calling in the distance and Striated Roulettes.

Part two was a walk to the Rifle Butts from the Cox's Bridge carpark. Two pairs of nesting Olive-backed Orioles held up two sections of the group for ten minutes of observation and use of the scope to really visualise the beauty of these birds. Down at the Rifle Butts and further along at the water trough near the Whistling Kite nests, we saw nesting Yellow-billed Spoonbills, nesting Striated Pardalotes working hard to feed their brood, a Leaden Flycatcher and heard and saw a Fan-tailed Cuckoo and a Shining Bronze-cuckoo. Thirty-two species in all with fifteen additional ones to Part One so 52 altogether.

We then adjourned to a BBQ at the Botanic Gardens and plenty of laughter and story telling and plans for next year both HBW and personal. It was a great day. A big thank you to Ross for the images below.

We decided to miss a January outing so there will be 11 outings next year. Have a healthy Christmas time.

Australian Reed-Warbler Acrocephalus australis
Yellow-billed Spoonbills nesting Platalea flaviceps
Leaden Flycatcher, female Myiagra rubecula