Wednesday, 5 April 2017

170405_Sale, Newry, Kentucky Road and Nicholson Rocks

On a beautiful day, eleven birders [welcome to Keith] gathered at Lake Guthridge and, instead of heading south to test our vehicles on the "worst-that-you-have-ever-seen-it" track into Jack Smith Lake, were guided just 2 kilometres northwest to the Flooding Creek Linear Reserve opposite the Livestock Exchange. Nothing super special in the 28 species we saw there.

Male Galah inspecting potential nest site.
Next stop was a bush block at Newry. Morning tea at the gate then Wedge-tailed Eagles, Brown Goshawk, Nankeen Kestrel and a Whistling Kite complimenting the droves of Scarlet Robins fresh in from the hills plus plenty of immature Crimson Rosellas in their dark, olive green suits and the standout bird, an Australian Owlet-nightjar, was heard.

A quick stop at the yards up Kentucky Road showed some emus and then last stop at the picnic table at the car park at the start of the track to Nicholson Rocks. After lunch a Wedgie again and excellent views of a Yellow-faced Honeyeater and the call of a White-throated Treecreeper. Or was that an Eastern Yellow Robin? Or was that an Eastern Spinebill? Learning with the Morcombe app for the less experienced resulted in the identification of an Eastern Yellow Robin. An excellent day with 46 species in all.

One of three Emus.
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Next outing is Wednesday 03 May gathering at the Billabong Roadhouse on the Princes Highway towards Bairnsdale and subsequently a visit to Glenaladale and the Mitchell River.

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