Tuesday, 11 September 2018

180905_Victoria Lagoon / Hollands Landing

Nine of us headed to Hollands Landing on a beautiful sunny day. 

First stop was the paddock a couple of km from Hollands Landing where we had, in 2017, spotted 17 Banded Lapwing. No such luck today but there were 180+ magpies spread out over 20-30 hectares.

Next onto the boat-ramp where the usual water bird suspects were present but not in great numbers. There were 4-8 Black-winged Stilts doing a fair amount of aggressive flying against each. Lots of good views of them in flight with the long legs trailing behind. Lots of calling from them too.

Morning tea at the boat-ramp threatened to extend all day until the whip was cracked. Some wading across the muddy ground to get a view of the lagoon behind the caravan park brought two Australian Shovelers plus more terns, swans, etc.
Down to Victoria Lagoon at the end of Ruckers Lane where an estimated 1,400 Grey Teal floated around with a few Pink-eared Ducks, Chestnut Teal and Shelducks amongst them.

Another short trip to the NE corner of Victoria Lagoon for some interesting birds amongst the usual suspects – Buff-banded Rail, Stubble Quail, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Australasian Pipit and a few Grey CurrawongsA quick trip into the Roseneath Caravan Park where we driven back by the hordes of mosquitoes by the beach. Still, a Great Egret and few more Crested Terns were there plus a couple of raptors on the access road.

We decamped to the Meerlieu oval for a leisurely lunch under the pines; no mozzies! A few of us detoured via The Knob Reserve in Stratford which was pretty quiet; a few cockies, galahs and a Striated Pardalote.

Unique species for the day was about 47.

The next outing is on Wednesday October 3rd, when Ian Wilson will be taking us birding the environs of Willung. Marg and I will be visiting our grand-daughter and checking out French Island this weekend for a possible group visit in a few weeks. Cheers. John.

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